Our secret to building a software business from 0 to profitable (and getting married with my co-founder)

Find the Right Co-Founder

Johannes front row furthest left, me front row second from the right; 500 MENA Dojo, Kuwait 2019

Forget your idea, find a problem worth solving

We hustled to get these meetings with potential customers
We had lots of willing people who wanted to talk more

Nurture Your Co-founder Relationship

Live and Breathe the Business

Basia and I after exchanging rings!
Sarah and Johannes married with everyone wearing Leadsie t-shirts
The first wedding lunch!

A SaaS Story Summary

Basia and I on our wedding day — surrounded by Leadsie supporters!




Software Consultant, Keen Cyclist passionate about Holocaust Education

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Robert Desmond

Robert Desmond

Software Consultant, Keen Cyclist passionate about Holocaust Education

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